The daffodils are coming!

We are excited – and slightly nervous. The first daffodils are opening at the orchard. This means we need to start picking and selling them really soon. Eek!

We each picked a first experimental bunch last Sunday and took them home. The straight stalks and green closed buds didn’t look much. I wasn’t certain of them. Within a day the first of them were laughing at me, unashamed bright bold yellow in the vase on the table. When I lean in close it even smells like spring time.

It can’t be that hard, but we’re figuring everything out from nothing. We’re getting the hang of when to harvest. We’re debating whether it’s ethically acceptable to use elastic bands; practically possible to use something more biodegradeable. We need some nice buckets. And labels. Nell’s opened her veg shed and a couple of the loveliest shop keepers in Stroud have offered to sell some daffs for us.

Maybe next week. Hopefully next week.

The daffodils are coming!

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