Daffodil harvest

We had such a nice surprise today!

We were at the farm, preparing the nursery bed, ready for the trees we’ll be grafting next month. More on this later.

And we thought we’d just have a go at harvesting a few daffodils to see if we had enough to make up a couple of bunches for our first sales.

We worked our way steadily down the rows, and ended up with more flowers than we could hold. We had to fetch the wheelbarrow to get them off the field as we didn’t have a box or crate, not having anticipated the abundance before us.

Later, Sarah bunched them up at home and made exactly 30 bunches of ten.

Some of them will be in the Crown and Sceptre on Horns Road tomorrow.

And there will be more. From Friday you can look out for our lovely daffodils in Nell’s veg shed at the farm, as well as in Loose and Four Seasons in town.

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