Daffodil subscription 2024

Thank you for your interest – we are now fully subscribed for the 2024 daffodil season.

How does the daffodil subscription work?
  • I will harvest daffodils on Sunday afternoons, and Wednesday mornings.
  • Bunches of daffodils will then be available for you to collect from the Micro Dairy at Oakbrook, or from outside my house on Middle Street, Uplands.
  • Because of how the daffodils crop, bunches in the first and last weeks will tend to be smaller, whilst the bunches in the middle weeks will be more generous. There will always be at least 10 stems in your bunch of flowers.
  • Also because of the cropping pattern, flowers are likely to start as traditional golden ones and as the weeks go on more likely to be multicoloured and/or multi-headed.
  • I harvest the daffodils with their flowers closed, so you get to enjoy as much as possible of the flowers at home – they may take a couple of days to open, and should last up to a week, largely depending on how warm they are.
  • The subscription starts from 3rd March and will very likely last five weeks. However, if the weather suddenly warms up, the flowers will open more quickly and the season will be shorter (though you’ll get the same number of flowers in total!)
  • In the peak of the season I may also sell bunches of daffodils as ‘extras’, or elsewhere, but as a subscription customer you will be my top priority

How do I sign up?

Just email oakbrookorchard@gmail.com, telling me:

  • your name and contact details
  • whether you’d like to collect from Oakbrook Farm or from Middle Street in Uplands
  • whether you’d like to collect from the Sunday harvest (collect Sunday afternoon/evening onwards) or from the Wednesday harvest (collect Wednesday afternoon/evening onwards)
  • how many shares you’d like – it’s £10 for one share (one bunch each week), and you can order more than one share if you’re feeling exuberant!

I will then send you a payment link, and confirm your subscription once I’ve received payment.