Scything workshops

Come and learn the magical art of scything with us!

Sunday 23rd June, 10am – 1pm


Sunday 7th July, 10am – 1pm

Each workshop will cover all the basics, from getting the scythe set up right, to sharpening, mowing and peening. We’ll start with a bit of theory, and quickly move on to actually using the scythes.

  • Suitable for total beginners, as well as those feeling a little rusty or wanting some extra coaching.
  • Led by Kai Lange, an experienced scythe-master and teacher.
  • Small group of 5-6 people – plenty of opportunity for one to one support and asking questions.
  • Use our scythes or bring your own.
  • Cost is £10 per person.

Each workshop runs for 3 hours, including a break for tea and cake. You are very welcome to stay on for a picnic lunch afterwards and, if you’re inspired, to continue practicing in your new found skills in the orchard in the afternoon.

We are able to provide Austrian scythes for you to learn and practice with. These are lighter and more ergonomic than traditional English scythes, and are at the heart of the scything renaissance in this country. If you have your own scythe, of any make, please do bring it along; it’s best to learn on what you’re going to continue using, and we can help you get it set up right if needs be.

For more information, or to book your place:
email –

We are grateful to The Tree Council for financial support in running these workshops.